Latino/a and Mexican-American Studies - Minor

The Latino/a and Mexican American Studies minor (or LMAS) at Texas A&M University encourages students across the university to investigate the experiences and contributions of Latino/as in the United States and abroad. Students minoring in LMAS will receive instruction from interdisciplinary faculty across the College of Arts and Sciences, and the University. LMAS courses draw on disciplines including, but not limited to, the areas of History, Sociology, English, Anthropology, Psychology, Communications, Political Science, Geography, Education, and Hispanic Studies. The courses provide students with broad knowledge about Latino/as frequently omitted from the common curriculum and centered in the experiences of Latino/as.

The LMAS minor addresses topics such as race, ethnicity, gender, politics, religion, education, labor, immigration, and civil rights, among others. These topics include both historical and contemporary perspectives and draw on a variety of approaches, including literature, history, individual and interpersonal experiences, performance, policy analysis, and psychological research.

The LMAS minor complements any degree and future career by providing students with a strong foundation in key workplace skills: critical thinking, perspective taking, social and personal responsibility, communication, research, writing, and cultural understanding. Additionally, the LMAS minor prepares students to address societal changes that will occur as the state of Texas becomes a majority-minority state and continues to navigate its southern border. The LMAS minor prepares students to address some of the most crucial societal issues today: health policy, justice and law reform, civil rights, and labor and immigration practices.