Sociology - Minor

A minor in Sociology can be a valuable complement to a degree in almost any field of study. Students select from a variety of courses to enhance the ability to live and work effectively in a diverse and global society by better understanding social diversity, cultural trends, inequalities, organizational behavior, and community and world events.

A Sociology minor will provide graduates with skills in applying  knowledge to address real world problems through the development of realistic and equitable solutions, thinking critically about complex problems and ideas, engaging in communication processes with diverse audiences, practicing responsibility for one’s own and others’ performance to improve processes and make improvements, analyzing data to identify patterns and explain the meaning and application of data, and collaborating with others.

Sociology provides an excellent background for students wishing to enter into helping professions like social services, ministry, nursing, teaching, and law enforcement; it also provides an outstanding foundation for law, marketing, human resources, journalism, government, business management, and entrepreneurship.