Holistic Leadership in Engineering - Certificate

The Holistic Leadership in Engineering Certificate will help students develop intra- and interpersonal skills to complement the technical knowledge they are acquiring in the engineering degree.  It is designed to provide students with a deeper level of self-awareness, a broader perspective to see more possibilities, a better understanding of the dynamics and factors that drive engineering organizational success, and a personal commitment to service.  In completing this certificate, students will have an opportunity to form meaningful, lasting relationships with a diverse group of peers who are all committed to personal growth and engineering leadership development.  The courses include unique multidisciplinary experiential learning opportunities, accomplished guest speakers, small group discussions with industry professionals, simulations, and case studies.

After five semesters, students will have strengthened leadership capabilities and will be confident in their ability to influence people.  Students will understand how businesses operate within a free enterprise system and the duty of a leader to serve, empowering them to make an impact early in whatever career they choose to pursue--whether that be in a large corporation, a local business, a start-up, or a nonprofit or governmental organization.