International Engineering - Certificate

Today’s engineering industry is global and interconnected with supply, demand and service providers located around the world. An effective engineer in this global environment is one that complements his/her core technical knowledge with excellent cross-cultural competencies and international exposure. Students completing the International Engineering Certificate will be better prepared to join the global job market they will face following graduation. The International Engineering Certificate is only available to undergraduate, engineering degree-seeking students within the Texas A&M University College of Engineering. Students from the Texas A&M University-Qatar campus are also eligible to apply for the certificate. The certificate is annotated on the student’s permanent transcript. Students completing the International Engineering Certificate will be better prepared to work effectively (professional, productive and culturally sensitive) as an engineer in multicultural and multidisciplinary work environments.  By completing the 15-credit certificate, students will learn to:

  • Integrate and apply skills required to solve an engineering design problem considering different perspectives;
  • Understand intercultural differences and similarities, and their relevance to effectiveness in the workplace;
  • Apply intercultural knowledge for self-knowledge/improvement (Intrapersonal competence);
  • Apply intercultural knowledge for effective teamwork (Interpersonal competence).

The International Engineering Certificate may be completed by students pursuing College of Engineering degree programs in College Station, Galveston, McAllen, and Qatar and requires completion of three credit hours of coursework with an international experience.

For additional information, contact the Halliburton Engineering Global Programs Office via email at, via phone at (979) 862-5880, or in-person at the Zachry Engineering Education Complex, Suite 410.

Required Courses 1
Global engineering design3
Select one of the following:
Global Engineering Design 2
Pre-approved 200 level or above engineering course with a significant international component 3
International engineering experience 4
Cultural discourse 53
International and cultural diversity 63
International experience 73
Language 83
Total Semester Credit Hours15