Technical Sales - Minor

The Technical Sales Minor offered by the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution is very specific to Business-to-Business (B-2-B) Industrial Sales. The courses in this minor will teach students about an Industrial Solution-based Sales Process and help them understand the strategies and structures of Industrial Sales organizations.

These courses will help engineering and professional students improve their interpersonal communication skills. They will learn to effectively engage others in the conversation to better understand issues to which solutions can be provided in areas of product or systems design, integration, fabrication, etc. Students who complete the Technical Sales Minor will be capable of presenting themselves such that they will be perceived as solution providers rather than someone trying to sell something.

The minor is available to non-industrial distribution majors only. Interested undergraduate students from all the other engineering and engineering technology majors and those from outside the College of Engineering who are interested in pursuing a career in industrial sales or simply want to better understand how industrial sales organizations operate can apply for the minor.