Marine Engineering Technology - Minor

The MARE minor provides training in marine engineering, project management, shipboard, and port operations. Students will receive instruction in shipboard safety and attend firefighting school.  An in-depth study of the ship’s propulsion and auxiliary systems will allow the student to understand the interconnectivity between engineering principles and their applications. The minor will culminate in an at-sea experience aboard the training ship or approved placement.  While at sea, the students will stand watch and perform maintenance and repairs onboard the vessel.  This minor is intended to complement other engineering or Galveston-based majors.

The student must meet Texas A&M Maritime Academy documentation requirements to enroll in MARE 200. All at-sea placements require medical review, possession of a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC), Merchant Mariners Credential (MMC), and a Passport. The department will not track sea time for use towards licensing beyond the minor.  Each student will receive a discharge from the vessel, including the number of days sailed aboard the vessel as a cadet and a letter grade for completion of the MARE 200.  This program does not lead to direct USCG licensure, but sea time gained onboard the vessel will be acknowledged as service and can be used towards endorsements after graduation. Endorsement options for post-completion should be discussed with a MARE advisor to determine eligibility based on the student’s degree and this minor.