Military Studies - Minor

The School of Military Sciences offers a minor in Military Studies. This minor is available to all Texas A&M students but is not required for ROTC or Corps of Cadets participation. Students should consult with an advisor in their major department to determine minor requirements. All students desiring to enroll in the Military Studies minor should contact the Assistant Commandant for Academics and International Programs in Room 211 of the Buzbee Leadership Learning Center, (979) 458-2829.

The Military Studies minor requires 18 hours. Nine hours must be completed in approved upper-level Aerospace Studies, Military Science, or Naval Science courses with an additional 9 hours from approved university courses with a military-related focus. A minimum of 12 hours must be at the 300-400 level. A grade of C or higher is required if a course is to be counted towards the minor field. Minor programs are recognized on the transcripts after graduation, but not on the diploma. The student’s college and/or major department determines the number of minor programs a student may seek and shall be responsible for advising after the student receives signed approval from the Assistant Commandant for Academics and International Programs.

Military Science Courses 1
Select three of the following:9
Evolution of Warfare
Naval Ships Systems II: Weapons
Leadership and Ethics
Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare
Air Force Leadership Studies
Air Force Leadership Studies
National Security Affairs--Preparation for Active Duty
National Security Affairs—Preparation for Active Duty
Adaptive Leadership and Tactical Operations I
Adaptive Leadership and Tactical Operations II
The Army Officer and the Profession of Arms I
The Army Officer and the Profession of Arms II
Non-Military Science Courses
Select three from the following:9
In Search of Homer and the Trojan War
The Middle East
Geography of South Asia
GNSS in the Geosciences
Remote Sensing in Geosciences
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
Political Geography
Geography of Terrorism
Advanced Topics in GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
GNSS in the Geosciences
American Military History, 1609 to Present
History of American Sea Power
European Military History
War and European Society in the Twentieth Century
Modern Middle East
The Vietnam War/The American War
World War II in Asia and the Pacific
Modern South Asia
Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World
The Birth of the Republic, 1763-1820
America in the Gilded Age, 1877-1901
Reform, War and Normalcy: The United States, 1901-1929
The Great Depression and World War II
History of the Holocaust
The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon, 1715-1815
Soviet Union 1917-1991
American Military History to 1901
American Military History Since 1901
Military Ethics
Philosophy of Religion
Social and Political Philosophy
Ethical Theory
Ethnic Conflict
Government and Politics of Eastern Europe
Globalization and Democracy
International Cooperation
International Conflict
Government and Politics of the Former Soviet Union
Latin American Legislatures
American Foreign Policy
Contemporary Issues in American Foreign Policy
Issues in World Politics
The Politics of European Union
Foreign Policy Decision Making
National Security Policy
Population and Society
Military, War and Society
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Political Sociology
Globalization and Social Change
Total Semester Credit Hours18