Art - Minor

The Minor in Art provides focused learning in visual communication offered by the School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts to non-visualization majors. Students pursuing other majors may minor in Art by taking the required hours.  

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.20 with 70 or fewer credit hours completed to apply and must maintain a C average or better in all courses completed as part of the minor in Art. The student’s home college/department may grant, with agreement from the School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts, transfer credit of no more than six credit hours. Transfer credit will not be accepted for any 300- or 400-level course. Credit for study abroad (CARC) courses may not be applied to the minor in Art if an on-campus course containing similar content is offered. 

Per University guidelines, the student’s home college/department is responsible for advising students pursuing a minor in Art. 

To apply, download the Art Minor Form, complete it, and turn it into the Visualization Academic Advisor before the deadline. 

Application due dates:  Summer/Fall: March 1st |Spring: October 1st