Historic Preservation - Certificate

Based in the College of Architecture, the Certificate in Historic Preservation is open to students in a graduate degree program at Texas A&M University. This cross-disciplinary program draws on strong discipline-based academic programs that prepare graduates to further their career goals. The certificate assumes that historic preservation is a cross-disciplinary field, and the program is designed to ensure that students gain a sense of mutual respect for others in the field, and appropriate awareness, understanding, and ability within a specific body of knowledge.

The student must complete a MINIMUM of fifteen (15) credit hours of coursework with historic preservation content. The courses MUST be applicable toward a graduate degree at Texas A&M University, but need not necessarily be included on the student's degree plan.

ARCH 646Historic Preservation Theory and Practice3
Select 12 semester credit hours of the following: 1,212
Architectural Design IV
Seminar in Art and Architectural History 3
Recording Historic Buildings
Building Preservation Technology
Advanced History of Building Technology
Digital Architectural Photography
Construction Science:
Special Topics in... 3
Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning:
Professional Study
Sustainable Development
Geographical Information Systems in Landscape and Urban Planning
Law and Legislation Related to Planning
Special Topics in... 3
Professional Study
Conservation of Archaeological Resources I
Conservation of Archaeological Resources II
Skills in Maritime Archaeology
Cultural Resources Management
Processes in Cultural Geography
Recreation, Parks and Tourism:
Methods of Environmental Interpretation
Heritage Tourism
Professional Study
Total Semester Credit Hours15

Must complete a Professional Study,  Professional Paper, Thesis, or Dissertation with a significant historic preservation content.

Must participate in a colloquium to communicate the historic preservation content of the completed Professional Study, Professional Paper, Thesis, or Dissertation to be evaluated by the Director and Certificate Committee of the Center for Historic Preservation.