Comparative Cultural Studies International - Minor

The College of Liberal Arts offers a minor in Comparative Cultural Studies (International).

ANTH 210Social and Cultural Anthropology3
or GEOG 202   or Geography of the Global Village 
or GEOG 311   or Cultural Geography 
Select four of the following:12
Economic Development of Europe
Modern and Contemporary Drama
Twentieth-Century Literature to World War II
Women Writers
French Society and Culture in Evolution
Politics, Culture and Society in Contemporary France
Seminar in French Civilization
French Film
The Middle East
Geography of Latin America
German Culture and Civilization I
German Culture and Civilization II
The Weimar Republic: Literature and Culture
Russian Civilization
History of England
Europe, 1890-1932
Europe Since 1919
Eastern Europe Since 1453
Latin America Since 1810
Modern Africa
History of South Africa
Modern Middle East
Modern East Asia
Modern China
Twentieth Century Japan
Germany Since 1815
History of Nazi Germany
History of France Since 1815
Imperial Russia 1801-1917
Soviet Union 1917-1991
European Intellectual History in the Twentieth Century
Twentieth Century Britain
Latin American Cultural and Intellectual History
History of Mexico, 1821 to the Present
Women and Gender in Modern European History
Near Eastern Religions
Indian and Oriental Religions
Studies in European Civilization and Culture I
Studies in European Civilization and Culture II
International Environment of Business
Global Marketing
Topics in Music
Music in World Cultures
Latin American Philosophy
Recent British and American Philosophy
Current Continental Philosophy
Western European Government and Politics
Political Systems of Latin America
Politics of Global Inequality
Government and Politics of the Former Soviet Union
Asian Governments and Politics
International Business Behavior
Pacific Rim Business Behavior
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Spanish Literature from 1700 to 1936
Spanish-American Literature from 1821 to 1935
Hispanic Film
Contemporary Hispanic Society and Culture
Spanish Language Poetry
Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature
Select one of the following in consultation with program coordinator:3
Cultural Change and Development
Agrarian Peasant Societies
Anthropology of Religion
Women and Culture
Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
Intercultural Communication
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
Economics of Labor
Introduction to Film Analysis
Literature, World War II to Present.
International Developments Since 1918
Language and Culture
Eighteenth-Century Philosophy
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Nutrition
Women and Work in Society
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Students must make a grade of "C" or better in all courses.