Comparative Cultural Studies International - Minor

The minor in Comparative Cultural Studies – International focuses on how culture and politics affect societies across the world. The program’s strong interdisciplinary approach in the humanities and social sciences gives students the skills and competencies they need to address complex and critical global issues. The minor provides students with tools to better understand diverse cultural perspectives around the world. The comparative and transnational focus encourages students to learn about other cultures and social systems, to reflect back on their own societies, and to discover how they want to position themselves as globally engaged citizens.

The courses recommended for the minor examine such issues as racial and gender politics; media, power, and politics; nationalism, ethnicity, and ethnic conflict; literature, film, performance, and politics; globalization, international development, and community mobilization; human trafficking; global public health; and diaspora, migration, and displacement. The coursework gives students the opportunity to gain expertise in areas or peoples outside of the United States and allows them to develop comparative and international perspectives valued by public and private employers. It is critical for contemporary students to understand the impact of politics and policies on people’s lives and global social injustice, inequality, and conflict.

The minor will assist students who are seeking a wide variety of jobs, ranging from U.S. government positions to social and popular media, to private business ventures, cultural organizations, and non-profit organizations. It is also beneficial for students who are pursuing a wide range of graduate and professional degrees, including law, education, non-profit administration, public policy, public health, communication, cultural studies, environmental studies, media studies, anthropology, social work, and business.

INTS 211/ENGL 211Foundations in Cultural Studies3
Select two of the following:6
Intercultural Communication
Communication and Popular Culture
History of Literary Criticism
Cultural Politics
Philosophy of Art
Select three of the following:9
Africana Humanities
Africana Popular Culture
Popular Musics in the African Diaspora
Critical Race Discourse
Postcolonial Literatures
Africana Feminisms
Studies in Africana Literature and Culture
Africana Cinema
Slavery in World History
Music in World Cultures
Cultures of Central Asia
Cultural Diversity and Ethics
Anthropology of Religion
Women and Culture
War and Violence in the Ancient World
Greek and Roman Civilization
Classical Mythology
Great Books of the Classical Tradition
Great Books of Christian Antiquity and the Latin Middle Ages
Rhetorical Criticism
Difficult Dialogues on Power, Privilege, and Difference
Critical Race Discourse
Communication and Cultural Discourse
Media, Culture and Identity
International Communication
Twenty-first Century Literature and Culture
Human Thinking and Digital Culture
Transnational Literature and Culture
The Rhetoric of Gender and Health
Advanced Film
Modern Rhetorical Theory
Literature and Film
Postcolonial Literatures
Folklore, Literature, and World Cultures
Studies in Literature, Religion and Culture
Studies in Africana Literature and Culture
Contemporary Literary Theory
Language and Gender
Sex, Gender and Cinema
Advanced Film
Literature and Film
Studies in Film Genre
Africana Cinema
French Society and Culture in Evolution
Cultural Geography
Contemporary Spanish Culture
Contemporary Mexican Culture
Hispanic Literature and Film
Borderlands: U.S. and Mexico
Hispanic Religions
Global Cinema
Contemporary Issues in the Middle East
Theories of Globalization
Political Islam and Jihad
Culture, Neoliberalism and Globalism
World Literature
World Literature
Performance in World Cultures
Dance in World Cultures
Popular Musics in the African Diaspora
Japanese Traditional Performing Arts
Latin American Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Africana Philosophy
Radical Black Philosophies of Race and Racism
Philosophy of Literature
Philosophy of the Visual Media
Philosophy, Film and Evil
Studies in Gender and Philosophy
Current Continental Philosophy
Masterpieces of Russian Literature
Hispanic Culture and Civilization: 18th Century to Present
Spanish-American Literature from 1492 to 1821
Spanish-American Literature from 1821 to 1935
Photography in the Hispanic World
Hispanic Film
Contemporary Hispanic Society and Culture
Hispanic Culture through Art
Mexican Cinema and Culture
Spanish Language Poetry
Soccer in the Hispanic World
Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature
Topics in Hispanic Literature
Topics in Hispanic Culture
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Students must make a grade of C or better in all courses.