Devised Theatre - Minor

The minor in Devised Theatre provides the essential skills in devising and collective creation, enabling artists from varied fields to add theatrical practice to their repertoire, and build performance into their art and scholarship. The minor emphasizes the practice of theatre making as it builds on Performance Studies’ strength in practice as research and inquiry-based performance. It equips students to be well-rounded, dynamic, and flexible artists and scholars.

Devised theatre decenters the text in theatrical performance-making, to embrace the collective efforts of an ensemble of artists, and challenge entrenched hierarchies in traditional forms of theatrical production. Artists at the forefront of theatre and performance are increasingly turning to methods of collective creation and devising to generate new works. This minor introduces the form, trains students to work with a variety of sources, surveys multiple devising methods, and includes a studio course in which students collaborate to create original performances. In addition, students may take courses in acting, design, music composition, and other areas to expand the repertoire of skills they may draw on to make theatrical performances.