Film and Media Studies - Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Film and Media Studies prepares undergraduate students to think and write critically about film and media from multiple perspectives. The minor offers courses in the history, criticism, and theory of film and media, and provides opportunities to pursue analyses of the aesthetic, cultural, economic, technological, and international dimensions of film. The foundational courses set the stage for advanced courses in film and media. A major goal of the program is to connect the student’s major field of study with an understanding of film and media's cultural and social significance. Drawing from the expertise of affiliated faculty across the university, the minor can be tailored to the student's interests. 

The Film and Media Studies minor supports student development for any career field because it provides opportunities to obtain skills that are critical to success in today's workplaces: critical thinking, problem solving, oral and visual communication, writing, research, cultural understanding, and global perspectives. The minor builds foundational skills for student success, leadership in the workplace, future graduate studies, and becoming an informed citizen.