Cybersecurity Engineering - Certificate

As the digital age advances, the need to protect the security, safety, and privacy of individuals and enterprises increases. This is true for a wide range of organizations — public, private, not-for-profit, and non-governmental — that all depend on cyber systems. As society becomes more and more connected and as smart systems continue to evolve, there is a clear need for engineers to develop a good understanding of cybersecurity principles. 

The certificate in Cybersecurity Engineering provides students with the core concepts, tools and skills in cybersecurity engineering. These skills are essential for the design, integration, operation, and maintenance of large-scale systems in the government, military and civil industries. The cybersecurity engineering discipline is focused on the successful realization and protection of large-scale, interconnected systems. The scope of cybersecurity engineering spans the entire system lifecycle, from earliest conception through system retirement.

The College of Engineering offers the Cybersecurity Engineering certificate to prepare engineers with the knowledge they need to maintain a safe, technologically-enhanced environment. 

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous or synchronous distance education technology.