Energy Technology, Law and Policy - Certificate

Through a 10-month program, the graduate-level certificate in Energy Technology, Law and Policy prepares students and professionals to effectively address complex legal and policy challenges in the energy sector. Specifically, participants is exposed to (i) important U.S. and international regulations and policies in the energy and natural resources sectors, and (ii) advances in theory and practice, as well as applications of regulations and policies through case studies delivered by law, policy, and engineering faculty members through a module-based structure. 

The certificate in Energy Technology, Law, and Policy is jointly offered by the Texas A&M Energy Institute and the Texas A&M University School of Law. The curriculum and instruction is split between the School of Law (9 SCH) and the Energy Institute (6 SCH), and course offerings includes foundational Law courses, general Energy courses, as well as courses that integrate Energy and Law. Courses from the Energy Institute and the School of Law are available as face-to-face or distance learning synchronous offerings.

The coursework for the certificate in Energy Technology, Law and Policy is drawn from the Interdisciplinary Curricular Program in Energy, which is shared with the Master of Science in Energy Program at Texas A&M Energy Institute and the ML and MLG Programs at Texas A&M University School of Law. 

This program is also approved for delivery via synchronous distance education technology.