Medical Anthropology - Minor

The Medical Anthropology Minor provides students with an introduction to this subfield of anthropology, which examines how biology, along with society and culture, shape health and disease. Students interested in learning about differences and similarities in human biology through time and cross-culturally can select courses from the perspective of biological anthropology, such as ANTH 225, ANTH 226ANTH 423, ANTH 425, ANTH 427, and ANTH 434. Those who are interested in learning about how society, culture, and the environment influence health care, wellness and health-related behaviors can select courses from the perspective of cultural anthropology, like ANTH 210, ANTH 222, ANTH 426, and ANTH 437. Another option is to select both biological anthropology and cultural anthropology courses to receive training in the biocultural perspective. Through this minor students interested in any health science field will develop critical thinking skills necessary for working in healthcare and with patients from diverse national and ethnic backgrounds.