Psychology of Diversity - Certificate

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers embedded certificates as part of the major. The certificates are considered embedded because they require no additional coursework—beyond specific courses in the major itself—to earn the certificate.  The certificates are designed to (a) bring greater depth and structure to the major, (b) provide students with guidance as to courses that build on each other, and (c) ultimately increase the employability of our students.

The required courses in this certificate reflect foundational component areas of psychology that focus on (a) interpersonal behaviors and intrapersonal processes that affect our understanding of and relationships with others and (b) human cognitive processes that people use to understand information and categorize people and objects. The prescribed electives include courses that focus on a variety of aspects of diversity. These courses focus on the experiences of understudied and/or underrepresented persons and the psychological processes associated with their interpersonal treatment from others.