Banking Services - Certificate

The Adam C. Sinn ’00 Department of Finance offers specialized, industry-relevant study through the Banking Services Certificate Program (BSCP).  The BSCP is open to all business majors (excluding finance majors) at Mays Business School.  The BSCP is designed to equip students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with the banking and finance skills needed to prepare for and transition into successful careers in commercial banking, serving the personnel needs of the industry in the state of Texas and the United States.

The BSCP requires completion of prescribed/required coursework totaling 15 semester credit hours. The required curriculum is representative of banking industry requirements for BSCP graduates to be favorably recruited by the banking industry for commercial banking careers. Business student applicants accepted into the BSCP must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Students who pursue the BSCP must complete all program requirements prior to graduation. Upon graduation, a certificate notation will be added to the official transcript.