Engineering Concept, Creation, and Commercialization - Certificate

The Engineering Concept, Creation, and Commercialization Certificate provides students with the training and experience to develop their ideas, create/design solutions to solve customer needs, and to understand the process of commercializing developed solutions.  The program will focus on developing an entrepreneurial mindset which will be valuable to the students as employees of companies or as creators of their own startup. Students from any engineering major may find great value in the knowledge and skills this certificate develops.

ENGR 262Engineering Entrepreneurship Hour1
or ENGR 462   or Engineering Entrepreneurship Hour 
ENGR 461Engineering Product Lean Launch3
Select three of the following: 19
Medical Device Path to Market
Entrepreneurial Pathways in Medical Devices
Design Process
Enterprise Basics for Technical Entrepreneurs
Sales, Operations and Manufacturing for Technology Companies
Technology Company Management, Leadership, and Corporate Culture
Entrepreneurship in Nano and Energy Systems
Petroleum Entrepreneurship
Total Semester Credit Hours13