Polymer Specialty - Certificate

The Polymer Specialty Certificate is designed to provide a strong interdisciplinary educational program for undergraduate engineering and suitably prepared science students interested in pursuing a polymer career. The certificate will also provide knowledge to reduce the training time required to turn Texas A&M students into productive members of the industrial workforce. This program is the first of its kind offered in the State of Texas and is administered by the Polymer Technology Consortium. No other universities in the State of Texas offer a formal polymer curriculum, despite the significant role the polymer industry plays in the state’s economy.

Why Should I Be Interested?


  • Gain an interdisciplinary education with an emphasis in polymers
  • Be better prepared for jobs focusing on polymers
  • Acquire an edge over students from other universities who have no documented polymer knowledge
  • Obtain knowledge to foster entrepreneurial thinking
  • Receive recognition on university transcript upon completion of certificate requirements and graduation
  • Broaden your exposure to a diverse polymer science and engineering curriculum
  • Expand employment horizons beyond the traditional industrial jobs

For additional information, contact MSEN Undergraduate Advising (msen-ug-advising@tamu.edu).