Engineering Entrepreneurship - Minor

The College of Engineering at Texas A&M University offers a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship, designed to equip engineering students with the essential skills and knowledge to understand the role of entrepreneurs and innovators in businesses. 

This minor emphasizes the intersection of engineering expertise with business acumen, preparing students to transform technical ideas into viable business opportunities. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to market realization, and the unique challenges of entrepreneurial ventures in engineering and technology domains. 

Students completing the minor will gain proficiency in recognizing and evaluating technological opportunities, understanding customer and market dynamics, developing lean business strategies, and leading entrepreneurial initiatives. They will gain awareness of the dynamic landscape of technology startups and the innovation point of view within established engineering companies. 

Areas of focus for the Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor are

  • Innovation and Idea Generation: techniques for identifying and evaluating engineering-based entrepreneurial opportunities. 
  • Business Strategy and Models: developing effective strategies and business models for technology-driven ventures.
  • Financial Acumen and Funding: understanding financial principles, venture capital, and funding strategies for startups. 
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: leadership skills and team management relevant in enterprise and startup environments. 
  • Practical Entrepreneurship: hands-on experience through projects, incubator programs, or collaboration with startups. 

This minor aligns with the growing need for engineers who are not only technically proficient but also capable of leading innovative business ventures, making it an ideal choice for engineering students aiming to become leaders in the innovation-driven tech entrepreneurial world.