Embedded Systems Integration - Minor

Our cars, cell phones, health care devices, every-day appliances and physical devices that are connected to form the internet-of-things (IoT) operate based on small “computers” that sense the environment, make decisions, communicate, and control operations; essentially making our devices “smart.”  These "computers" or embedded processors/microcontrollers are a fundamental component in most modern products and systems and are used across a wide range of industries that include medical, oil/gas, process control, automotive, communications, and quality of life. 

The Embedded Systems Integration minor offered by the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution teaches students about embedded systems hardware and software development and  how these systems are used in modern products.  The minor is available to not only engineering students, but also students outside the College of Engineering who are interested in studying technology and understanding the devices that power our lives. 

Students interested in an Embedded Systems Integration minor should see an advisor in Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution for more information.