European Union Business - Certificate

The Certificate in European Business (EUB) is designed to provide Mays Business School undergraduate students seeking a BBA degree the opportunity to gain a better understanding of European business by studying its history, politics, and business models.

The EUB requires 21 credit hours of course work that can be integrated as part of the BBA business curriculum. Also, a European Union (EU) international experience is required along with demonstration of the ability to conduct business transactions in an EU language (other than English).

Required Courses
One course on European business: 13
European Integration and Business 1
Select three of the following international business courses: 29
International Accounting
International Trade and Agriculture 3
International Agribusiness Marketing 3
International Finance
Asian Business Environment
Global Entrepreneurship
Latin American Markets
International Environment of Business
International Management
Global Marketing
International Marketing: Study Abroad
Select three of the following electives focused on Europe:9
Economic Development of Europe
Europe Since 1919
The Rise of the European Middle Class
Eastern Europe Since 1453
European Intellectual History in the Twentieth Century
Women and Gender in Modern European History
Western European Government and Politics
The Politics of European Union
Total Semester Credit Hours21

Approved European Union Experience

An approved international experience in an EU country: 1 month minimum. Options available include:

  • Mays or university-wide reciprocal exchange program
  • Mays or TAMU study abroad program or field trip.
  • International internship (for IBUS 484 credit)
  • Other study abroad or volunteer program (with prior approval)

Foreign Language Competence

To determine competence in a non-English European Union language, a student must pass an oral competency exam in their desired EU language as administered by a Mays faculty member, or pass a designated proficiency exam upon completion of the European Union experience.